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When you do photography for a living, it’s hard to figure out when to do your own family pictures.  My mom had been wanting a family session forever.  She wanted to do it in the fall (my busiest time) and with everyone (so hard) so we  started planning about two months out.  I had to keep that Sunday free and it ended up being the rainest, coldest day for an October day.  We did the shoot anyway:) It wasn’t exactly like I wanted, but I am so glad we did them anyway.  It’s not like a little rain will scare away some Elrods.

Also, my (awesome) friend Amy came and helped with the shooting.  She braved the weather and stood on a mountain while I yelled for everyone to pay attention.  There is nothing harder than shooting another photographer’s session.  We already see it in our heads and it’s difficult to share the vision.  I am so thankful she puts up with my crazy!!

To my family, thank you for always letting me click away even though you rarely see the results.  I am so lucky that I get to share this life with you.

Merry Christmas!!

I adore this couple.  Like for real.  Their engagement session was so much fun that I didn’t want it to end.  My favorite thing about photography is being able to capture things.  It sounds so cheesy, but for me, it’s all about that.  I want to capture it all.  I want to make you laugh and then take the picture.  I want to show how much you adore this person that you are marrying or how much you love your family.  My favorite pictures are always the ones of people laughing and being themselves.  If they forget, even for just a second, that I am there it’s always my favorite shot. This couple was able to forget- they laughed, and danced in the middle of Atlanta.  They had picked the coolest locations- where they first met for coffee, where they go for dinner and they even let me do a weird elevator shot where we got in trouble by the security guards.  They were all in and this makes the coolest photos.