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Jessica and Johann: an Atlanta wedding

I have been so excited about taking pictures for this couple.  I grew up with her sister Melanie being one of my best friends.  We ended up moving to Colorado and  I was there when she met her husband.  Whom I adore.  Needless to say, I remember Jessica most of her life.  They moved to Alabama when Jessica was a teenager and I still remember going to visit and thinking she was beautiful and kind.  Which do not, often, go hand in hand.  When I heard she was getting married I wanted to start hounding her about being her photographer.  I wanted to beg and plead, but lucky for me I did not have to.

This couple is adorable.  They bike, read “real” books and hang out in midtown.  Their apartment is amazing with adorable furniture and a great view of the city.  What better place to begin our engagement photos?  They were such troopers.  Neither one of them “love” having their pictures made, but they let me follow them around for a couple of hours and show me a little part of their world.  Here are just a few of my favs.cep_estep_engagement027cep_estep_engagement026cep_estep_engagement025cep_estep_engagement024cep_estep_engagement023cep_estep_engagement021cep_estep_engagement020cep_estep_engagement019cep_estep_engagement018cep_estep_engagement017cep_estep_engagement016

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