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Heather and Paul get married, AGAIN.

I love being asked to photograph someone that I am friends with.  It makes everything go a little smoother and a little easier.  Heather and I started at Barnes and Noble on the same day many years ago.  (maybe 2001) I worked there for so long and left twice.  I couldn’t get enough of that place, but Heather was there when it started.  B&N is an usual place to work and maybe its not the same for everyone, but I met people there that I will be friends with when I am old.  It’s like a cult.  Suddenly you are surrounded my people that read REAL books and they talk about them all the time.  Heather and I have spent many hours discussing books- she was even in the first book club.  I still cannot believe she has moved to Scotland and I can no longer go into the Mall of Ga location hoping she was there.

Heather and Paul got married in Scotland and then came here for the party:) cep_mcdonald001cep_mcdonald002cep_mcdonald003cep_mcdonald004cep_mcdonald005cep_mcdonald006cep_mcdonald007cep_mcdonald008cep_mcdonald009cep_mcdonald010cep_mcdonald011cep_mcdonald012cep_mcdonald013cep_mcdonald014cep_mcdonald015cep_mcdonald016cep_mcdonald017cep_mcdonald018cep_mcdonald019cep_mcdonald020cep_mcdonald021cep_mcdonald022cep_mcdonald023cep_mcdonald024cep_mcdonald025cep_mcdonald026cep_mcdonald027cep_mcdonald028cep_mcdonald029

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