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Beck Family

Do you have friends that you had in elementary school? Did you beat all the odds and stayed friends through all of the changes and somehow you still like them.  Because I do.  I am that lucky.  I have a few friends like that and I do not really remember life before them.  It’s pretty amazing to think I that I knew her when she had pigtails and before boys.  When we had bruises and scrapes and rode go-carts with her little brother.  When I was growing up this was the house I wanted to be at and I was.  We took vacations together, camped together, flirted together and I loved every minute.

Now we are adults.  She has three kids and a wonderful husband and I love it so much when she tells me its time for new pictures.  They just bought a new house with land and a pond.  And if I was the ‘house and land” type of girl I would be jealous.  It’s that amazing.  Her kids are funny and good looking and really hate to have their pictures made.  This is torture for them and I am always amazed at how much.  This is just a few of my favorites.





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