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When one of your favorite people says that they want to get married in Mexico, on a beach, at a fancy resort that includes umbrellas in your drink you say yes and when.  Or at least I do.  Since she is one of my best friends, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to take the pictures or just enjoy the day without being sweaty and red faced.  After thinking for like 5 mins, I wanted to shoot it. One of the main reasons is, because I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it.  It’s hard to give over that control when you have been taking pictures of her and your friends for years. Also, she is one of those unusual brides that wants you to take the funny pictures and to capture the moments as they happen and she is one of the funniest people I know.  It was a win, win for me.

I met Amanda years ago at Barnes and Noble (around 2001) and her Rob were dating then.  They had moved to Georgia from Iowa and they have been dating most of their life:) Or so it seems to me.  There is something so fun about photographing couples that have been together forever.  They fit together seamlessly and speak without words.  And Amanda’s smile and laughter is one of my favorite.

If anyone is thinking about a destination wedding I would highly recommend it.  I have had two best friends that decided on them and there is something so wonderful about them.  They are intimate and you are surrounded by your favorite people for a few days.  What could be better than that? The wedding was at and it was such a beautiful resort and there was so many places to photograph that it was hard to commit to a few.  They decided to have the wedding at the convention center instead of on the beach.  It had a glass background with palm trees surrounding us.  The reception was at the French restaurant on the resort and was decorated by her cousin from New York.  Just lovely.




I have been dying to do a Trash the Dress session, but I have not managed to talk anyone into it.  Amanda was totally in.  I didn’t even have to beg and actually I think she brought it up.  (rob was NOT excited) We decided to save all the beach pictures for the day after so we got to ride around the resort photographing beautiful places that don’t look like Mexico.  I will do a Trash the Dress session post.  They are too cute to not have a separate post.

Ellie.  This kid.  She is beautiful and sassy and she can dance like really dance.  She owns the dance floor.

In April,  I got to go photograph one of my best friend’s weddings.  It was so amazing and beautiful and there will be lots of pictures of the wedding soon, but these are some of my favorites.  I was so excited when Amy and Izam asked me to photograph their family.  I had seen this carousal when we drove into the resort and immediately thought it would be such an awesome place for pictures. The night we planned on going it wasn’t working and we were so disappointed, but I think it worked in our favor.  It’s not often you see a carousal with no kids.





What a cute, cute family! I am very blessed to get to photograph adorable families like this.  Instead of feeling like a stiff boring photo shoot, its more like getting together with friends and I LOVE it.  Angela usually chooses to do her photo shoot on Mother’s day which I think is such a great idea.  This year, Mother’s Day was gorgeous and we had so much fun at the beautiful Sims Lake Park.




This was one of the weddings that I couldn’t wait to shoot.   I had so much fun at their engagement session and I just knew the wedding would be as just as fun.  They got married at Juliette Chapel in Dahlonega and the lighting in that chapel is incredible.  Amy and I could feel the love between these two and it made our job so much easier.cep_beck002cep_beck003cep_beck004cep_beck005cep_beck006cep_beck007cep_beck008cep_beck009cep_beck010cep_beck011cep_beck012cep_beck013cep_beck014cep_beck015cep_beck016cep_beck017cep_beck018cep_beck019cep_beck020cep_beck021cep_beck022cep_beck023cep_beck024cep_beck025cep_beck026cep_beck027cep_beck028cep_beck029cep_beck030cep_beck031cep_beck032cep_beck033cep_beck034cep_beck035cep_beck036cep_beck037cep_beck038cep_beck039cep_beck040cep_beck041cep_beck042cep_beck043cep_beck044

Do you have friends that you had in elementary school? Did you beat all the odds and stayed friends through all of the changes and somehow you still like them.  Because I do.  I am that lucky.  I have a few friends like that and I do not really remember life before them.  It’s pretty amazing to think I that I knew her when she had pigtails and before boys.  When we had bruises and scrapes and rode go-carts with her little brother.  When I was growing up this was the house I wanted to be at and I was.  We took vacations together, camped together, flirted together and I loved every minute.

Now we are adults.  She has three kids and a wonderful husband and I love it so much when she tells me its time for new pictures.  They just bought a new house with land and a pond.  And if I was the ‘house and land” type of girl I would be jealous.  It’s that amazing.  Her kids are funny and good looking and really hate to have their pictures made.  This is torture for them and I am always amazed at how much.  This is just a few of my favorites.