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How do I tell you about myself in a paragraph? I read a lot of about pages in my line of work and most of the time I think they are boring.  Do you really need to know that I went to school for photography or that I have been doing this full-time for seven years?

Instead, here are 20 random facts about me so you can get to know me – the real me. Let’s be honest, that’s way more fun.

1.  I like raw veggies more than cooked ones.

2. I have been to every state except Hawaii and my favorite… well it depends on the day.

3. I really stink at picking favorites of anything.

4. My favorite people think outside of the box.

5. I finally have a car payment after 13 years of not.

6. I think nothing beats a good burger, and if we ever eat out together that is probably what I want.

7. I would rather stay single than be with the wrong person.

8. Everything seems better after I brush my teeth.

9. I wish I loved coffee, but I don’t.

10. I would spend every last penny on a road trip.

11. I think we should be charged for every plastic bag we use.

12. I pretend Denver, my nephew, is mine.

13. I have slept in a barn in the Swiss Alps, a castle in Germany, and a church in Ireland.

14. I can spend hours in a store and not buy a thing.

15.  When I was in my 20’s, I saw everything black/white and as I get older I think there is a lot of grey and purple thrown in.

16. I have been to 14 countries and spend most of my time wishing I could go to more.

17.  I read 65 books last year.

18. I hate to eat at fast food that’s connected to a gas station.

19.  Road trips are good for the soul.

20.  I think pictures are one of the most important things you can do for your family.  We think we will remember, but we don’t.