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What kind of photos do I take?
I take photos that look like you!  I love photos that capture the real you. Pictures that document the way your loved ones see you and your unique personality, whether you are 4 or 84. Plan on having fun and looking comfortable, as a session with me should be stress-free (for both of us!).
What does the session fee include?
A one hour session at a local-to-Gainesville location, and up to 30 lightly edited, high resolution copy-right releases images, on a USB drive and a printed copy-right release form. As well as an online gallery to share your images with friends and family.
How do I book a session?
Yay! You want to book a session, that’s fantastic!  The best way to book a spot on my calendar is to send me an email.  You can use the contact form above or you can email me directly at If you’d prefer to chat on the phone, I can be reached at 770-519-6389.
Where should we take the pictures? 
Where we choose to shoot will be a something we decide together. I love to choose places that are out of the ordinary and suitable for your unique personalities. I try to keep in mind any preferences you or your family might have, but the location we choose is very important to me, so trust me when say that I have the coolest place in mind for your session!
When can I expect my images?
Portrait sessions – 2-3 weeks
Senior sessions – 4-6 weeks
Weddings – 4-6 weeks
How long do I shoot?
For kids, family and couples,  its usually about one hour.  After that, it all gets a little forced and everyone is tired.     For seniors,  I usually like to shoot for about 1 1/2- 2 hours, because we can go to several locations and change outfits.  Please understand though, if you don’t really like having your picture made and this is all torture for you then it can be much shorter.  I can get great shots in a short amount of time.
Do I sell products?
Yes, you can purchase professionally printed prints, gallery wraps and albums via your online gallery.